Want to knows about me,let's watch it!!

Now time to talk about myself,my name is Nurul Izati Bt Md Jalil.Actually nothing interested about me.but i love to share my hobby to everyone,something weird but nice,hihihihihi.honestly i love to wash & clean my toilet everyday or in Malay we call JAMBAN

For me,when i clean my toilet,i can release my tension.Don't believe it,just believe OK!!!i love to describe someone with how their manage their personal cleanliness,and the one of criteria is i love to see their toilet.

In my opinions,even the person is handsome or beautiful,but their toilet is dirty,so they are dirty,admit that OK!!i hate this type of person.
Now we talk about my Family,actually i have 7 siblings and i is number 5.but sorry I can't to put all the picture in my video,because some picture of my family is missing in my storage.so sad.i love my family so much,because they are always support me and always care and motivate myself.if you guys wants to see how looks my family,just watch the video that i prepared to you guys.


actually i don't like to go to school,do you know why????because when i in primary school,my friends love to   bully me.but when i am become a prefect in my primary school,my friends more respect to me because i have a authority to bring a problem student to face a dicipline teacher.so scared right??so after that,i love to go to school.
After that i continued my study at sekolah menengah kebangsaan palong 7,this school was famous in negeri sembilan because of their marching,they always become a champion in this marching's competition.i am so proud with my school.In this school i am still a prefect,so incredible right!!actually,when i become a prefect i had a lot of advantage.firstly,i more closely to my teacher,then i become one of the important student in my school and lastly i can speech in assembly,so proud with myself,hihihihi.
when i got PMR result i continued my study at sekolah menengah teknik muadzam shah.it is also interesting school,because all of the clases have CCTV,so my dicipline'teacher can just watch the student attitude from the CCTV,SO SCARE!!but i am good student there,because my dicipline'teacher always call my name to face him,honestly i am a trouble student,but i also a excelent student,because when SPM result announced,i can continued my study at malacca matriculation college.and lastly now I take degree in business administration at uitm bandaraya melaka.i love to study until my last breath.
i am proud to my primary school

 my secondary school

  become a master of ceremony
teknik muadzam shah
matriculation college

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